Clinical Research Question Elucidation Group

Research interests

Our research goal is to resolve clinical questions based on daily clinical practice. Osaka University Hospital is designated as a certified heart transplantation center, actively treats patients with severe heart failure. Therefore, our main research interest is heart failure, and our research target is viability of myocardium, or cause-effect relationship with extra-cardiac organs including kidney, liver, blood cells and intestinum.

Current and future research directions

Current main key word of our research is “phenotyping”

  • Assessment of myocardial viability with pathological approach (collaboration with Dr. Asano)
  • Assessment of myocardial viability with ECG, CT, MRI and RI
  • Liver congestion and heart failure
  • Sleep quality and heart failure
  • Quality of red blood cell and heart failure (collaboration with Prof. Kaneko)
  • Gut and heart failure (collaboration with Prof. Takeda)
  • Renal dysfunction and heart failure (collaboration with Dr.Hamano)